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The Oliver Hurley 

School of Musical Theatre 

Training young people in the various disciplines of Musical Theatre 



"Deliver Musical Theatre training to a high standard in a fun, safe and positive environment".

The Oliver Hurley School of Musical Theatre was established in 2004. The aim of our school is to train children in all aspects of musical theatre. Our students receive weekly training in the disciplines of dance, drama and singing. Our School is very much focused on imparting these skills in a safe and fun environment. Our teachers are highly trained with a wealth of performance experience also.


Each year the students are involved in three projects which gives them the opportunity to present their skills to audiences. In spring we present an annual showcase production which is the highlight of the students year and in addition to this all our students take part in the Christmas Panto, both of these productions are held in Siamsa Tire.  In recent years our school has produced a Christmas recital charity fundraiser which all our students are encouraged to participate in. 

A word from Artistic Director - 

Oliver Hurley

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"I am a firm believer that immersing young people in the arts can enrich their life experience in so many ways. When I set up the Oliver Hurley School of Musical Theatre I was very conscious of giving our students an opportunity to engage in the training whilst at all times having fun.

In a time when our youth are spending more and more time in front of computer screens and on devices I feel it is vital for them to be more present in the here and now. There is full engagement when our students are participating in theatre classes and performing onstage and this always ensures 100% focus and fulfilment from them. That instant reaction and buzz that live performance gives is a unique experience for both performers and audiences alike.  Seeing the hard work that it takes to achieve high quality performances, coupled with the incredible sense of achievement that felt on the completion of these projects is a life lesson that our students bring to their education, their careers and to life in general.  Apart from the obvious performance skills that they acquire, an equally important set of skills they learn throughout the process is the ability to listen, share, compromise and support each other. But most of all I feel that none of these are achieved if the students are not supported in a positive and fun environment while continuing to enjoy themselves. 


From the first day the students arrive to us it is vital that they feel comfortable and safe to explore their talents in an encouraging and nurturing environment. Each of our teachers nurture this ethos and ensure training to the highest of standards in an enjoyable and positive approach. 

Having been involved in teaching for over 35 years I still get immense joy seeing how children flourish and transform through their experiences in the arts. The confidence they gain through drama games, the discipline and technique through dance training and the joy that their singing brings is refreshing and rewarding. These disciplines which make up the fabric of musical theatre make for well-rounded performers but it is also my belief that immersing children in the arts from an early age stands to them in many ways throughout their lives.

Throughout our teaching we instil in our students an attitude of respect. Respect their teachers, the space and each other, the theatre, costumes, stage manager and the audience who are there to support them. In instilling respect in children, it is my belief that, it has the potential to filter through to many facets of their lives as they grow into young adults.  

We have seen many of our students go on to carve careers in the performing arts, but what is even more heart-warming to see is the friendships that are formed amongst the students as they share common interests with likeminded people. We are delighted to continue to train the young people of Kerry and share with them our love of the arts and Musical Theatre".  

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